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14 März, 2011

rahmen Rahmen rahmen
Kopfgeldpunkte Item "Greifenmensch-Himmelsbeobachter Ring "
rahmen Rahmen rahmen


Athlethys´s Ring of Resolve / Greifenmensch-Himmelsbeobachter Ring
Art Ring  
Level 50  
Quali 100  
Stat 1 21 Geschicklichkeit
Stat 2 4 alle Bogentalente
Stat 3 9% Körper
Stat 4 7% Stoß
Stat 5 2% Bogenkampfgeschwindigkeit / Zaubergeschwindigkeit
Stat 6 ---
Stat 7 ---
Stat 8 ---
Stat 9 ---
Stat 10 ---
Fähigkeit 1 ---
Fähigkeit 2 ---
There was once a powerful griffman leaer who begged his elders daily for magic to make his skywatchers greater masters of their bows. Knowing such magic would be dangerous, the elders instead crafted these rings, granting them both power and protection.
Artwork and screen shots Copyright © 2001-2007 Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Mythic Entertainment, Inc.
Copyright © 2001-2010  All rights reserved by  Nordic Forces
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